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Can Climate-smart agriculture work for our smallholder farmers?
by Enoth Mbeine | 07/14/2015 | 3 Comment(s)

Today we are increasingly finding ourselves facing converging food and climate challenges at an alarming rate. Globally, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that food insecurity will rise by between 15-40 percent by the year ... Read More

Are you making a living from farming?
by Enoth Mbeine | 07/14/2015 | 0 Comment(s)

There is a current craze of people, especially those in the formal sector, going into farming as another alternative source of living or income. Many of these people joining farming represent a new vision of dynamic and hopeful generation that is ... Read More

Why you need to buy locally grown food!
by Enoth Mbeine | 07/14/2015 | 9 Comment(s)

You’ve probably been told many times that you should buy locally grown food. You’ve been hearing the campaign “Buy local, buy Ugandan” many times! And, you’ve also probably seen local farmers markets sprout up around ... Read More

Writing clinics held recently in New Delhi and Nairobi. . . any feedback?
by Dong Wana | 06/28/2015 | 1 Comment(s)

I would like to thank you all who attended -  as participants, resource persons, facilitators, guests, etc.- the writing clinics we have recently conducted in New Delhi and Nairobi. What do you think about these activities? We will ... Read More

South-to-South Learning Exchange Visits
by Dong Wana | 04/25/2015 | 0 Comment(s)
Eighteen (18) representatives from different GLA member-organizations -- 9 from Asia, 6 from Eastern Africa and 3 from Southern Africa – participated in the south-to-south exchange visit in India organized by ACCESS Development Services in May 2014... Read More

Training on Social Performance Management (SPM) and the Progress-out-of-Poverty Index (PPI)
by Dong Wana | 04/25/2015 | 1 Comment(s)
It was a pleasure to have you at the Training on SPM and PPI in the Philippines last December. I hope the experiences of the two organizations we visited -- CARD-MRI and ASKI – on the use of the PPI have inspired you to try using the tool in your r... Read More

What we can learn from The Philippines Services Sector
by Enoth Mbeine | 04/19/2015 | 0 Comment(s)
As the Philippines hosted the Pope last week, the world’s attention was focused on this former Spanish colony which consists of 100 million people. I was also privileged to visit this wonderful country towards the end of last year 2014.
Read More